Tropical Tourist

Tropical Tourist – Man made marine debris that has floated ashore on the waves and been deposited on the beach.

Long haul debris, sometimes from as far afield as the Caribbean is literally “Tropical”.

Occasionally more than one long haul drift washes ashore together, having crossed thousands of miles of ocean. Items contained together in parcels of water despite the fluid nature of the sea.

Variation in ocean currents can cause parts of “ocean gyres” (rotating bodies of water driven by currents) to escape and the litter can travel to distant shores. Large synthetic items can become floating homes for creatures whose species end up dispersed around the world.

Octopus pots and stone crab traps can wash ashore on our beaches having travelled across the ocean. These pots and traps are used by countries around the Atlantic and Caribbean sea.

The bulk of man-made marine debris is of local origin and often shipping or fishing waste, still tourists though as they are arriving at a destination.

However when I hear the word “Tropical” it immediately brings to mind bright colours, salt water and sun-bleached hair.

Tropical Tourist – A plastic, brightly coloured object, sun-bleached, salt-buffed, on a beach strandline, its new destination.

These objects I feel, need not be removed from the beach to be photographed as the beach is of great relevance. The beach strandline is the destination of this tropical tourist. Instead they should be photographed as found objects, although I suspect I may have to arrange them on the beach to create an image that is pleasing to the eye. Ultimately I shall remove the items from the beach in order to observe and draw them.

Nice to think that I shall be “doing my bit” for the environment at the same time!

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