Debbie Smyth

Debbie SmythAs with Hilary Ellis, Debbie Smyth creates thread drawings. Blurring boundaries and conventionality.

Interestingly, Smyth and Carlier are similar in that their work is a response too exciting things that happen when the limits of a process or material are pushed. However my responses to the two artists work couldn’t be more different.

I find Smyth’s drawings fascinating. The idea of creating the effect of blurring and the suggestion of three dimensionality through this and the use of stitch. It really excites me. However although I appreciate that Carlier also pushes the limits of  a process to create exciting results, Smyth’s interpretation demonstrates mark making whereas to me, Carlier’s doesn’t.

It is quite apparent that sketches are the basis of Smyth’s work. The scale of her work suggests to me that her work may often be site specific. The Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra piece being an example. I find elements of the piece confusing until put into context and then I see an interpretation of music in the fluidity of the mark making.

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