Hilary Ellis – Enigma 11 – 2014

Drawing with thread. Until reading through the first couple of parts of the textiles vocabulary course, I had never considered stitching/ sewing as drawing with thread, although I understood the concept and the connection as soon as I read the words. I understood what was expected of me in assignment 2 and started to look for the potential of interesting marks when choosing my objects for part 1. I was connecting mark making and stitching. With Ellis, I see this put into practice – her interpretation.

I find her work reminiscent of script. In her artists statement she refers to the words, “repeated”, “replication”, “mechanical process”. Although she refers to the “labour intensive toil of sweat shops.” (www.hilaryellis.co.uk)

I hear the word stitch and I am taken back to the embroidery I produced with my Nanna twenty five years ago, that sparked my interest in textiles. This will always be my first thought, but work like Ellis’ really opens my mind up to different ways of using stitch as a form of interpretation.

I also tend to take things literally when considering the meaning behind pieces of artwork. I wouldn’t have made the link between Ellis’ work and “labour intensive sweat shops.”

I am encouraged to consider the meaning behind my initial drawings and really research my subject matter, so that the meaning comes through in my work.


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