Katie Sollohub – Drawing a day – 4th December

4th DecemberKatie Sollohub documents her surroundings through her paintings, drawings, photographs, to name but a few of her disciplines.

Her work tells a story, that she brings to life through mark making and a skilled use of colour.

One thing that I find particularly interesting about Katie Sollohub are her daily drawings. A drawing a day is a concept I am familiar with having done something similar myself in the past. I produced a series of daily paintings over a period of time, to become more practiced in the use of oil paints and to discipline myself.

This is a concept I have recently revisited as I now produce at least one sketch a day, towards my degree coursework. You can’t produce enough drawings in my opinion.

Katie Sollohub uses technology as a platform for her work, by using an app on her ipod to create a digital drawing each day.

Sollohub doesn’t shy away from experimentation. She pushes the boundaries of her processes and materials. By creating images from memory and by drawing digitally over the top of photographs of previous work, she is constantly developing her work and her work is evolving.

This is something I have shied away from in the past. My work has evolved but not intentionally. I have always struggled to experiment, becoming to comfortable with a particular process or material.

Sollohub’s work is a fine example of the benefits of exploring, experimenting and playing with different materials and disciplines.


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