Michael Griffiths

For all we know

With limited information on Michael Griffiths, I have to rely on my own opinion of his work and importance of drawing as part of his process.

Mark making appears to be the main component of his work, be it painting, printing or drawing. In fact I would go as far as to say that I believe his paintings to be drawings. They are a series of marks. Their strength partly lies in their spatial depth. On the face of it I feel they appear quite simple images, however the skilled use of mark making and sense of spatial depth turns something simple into something incredibly powerful.

Once again I appreciate the act of mark making to be the basis of all his work, a major component in this case.

Recent feedback regarding my drawing, although very positive, suggests I consider spatial depth when mark making as it seems to be something that has happened accidentally in my work up until now! I can appreciate when looking at work such as Griffiths’, the difference it can make, when considering a good drawing and a great one.


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