Powerful femininity – creating a beautiful world.

I’m drawn to the Autumn/ Winter collection 2017. Built around the idea of an imagined  meeting during the early 20th century, of his great grandmothers. Family members meeting from different worlds, meeting for the first time.

Using a dialogue and interwoven cultural traditions – Bringing a collection to life with no clues of the family history apart from their place of origin, I believe the use of florals to be necessary in filling the collection with life. Creating a collection rich in print, colour and detail. Floral subject matter lends itself well.

Here he brings together the familiar and the exotic, great grandmothers origins, English and Turkish.

Femininity – Floral prints immediately spring to mind. Erdem takes his inspiration from history it would seem. Blurring the boundaries between costume and day/evening wear. I feel his use of ribbons, layering and hem to be a suggestion of floral form. Prints reflected in form of garment, form of garment reflected in Prints.

With an element of “Holly Hobbie” about it, the effect of the floral patchwork, homely – femininty – childhood – comfortable – crossing generations – Simpler times.



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