Laura Ashley

Inspiration from a Women’s Institute display of traditional handicrafts at the V and A museum. Having difficulty sourcing Victorian fabric for her patchwork, she began to produce her own prints. Victorian Style Headscarves, the start, in 1953.

Rhydoldogh House near Powys. The house and surrounding countryside inspiration for Ashley.

A life long love of floral designs but not setting out to be a Victorian survivalist – believing however in the idea of decent, straightforward living associated with the time.

Ashley spent so much time in her garden, surrounding herself with flora, business planned on walks around the garden.

Long dresses in the 1970’s becoming her trademark. So popular was she, style wise, that 4000 dresses sold in one week from the Fulham Road store. Perfectly timed with the fashion change from the  1960’s mini skirt.

Milk maid style – Her hankering for the decent and straightforward lifestyle, associated with the Victorian period she loved. Erdem I feel must be influenced by designs such as these.



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