Tord Boontje



Known for expression of romanticism in his contemporary design. Exciting, Uplifting.

A strong interest in nature, an experimental approach.

Originating in the Netherlands, Studio Tord Boontje was established in 1996. Responding to and leading trends.

I’m drawn to “Fern”, an example of textiles design. First appearing in the fossil record 360 million years ago, in the late Devonian period, their age I feel is captured in the layering of print in this design. Fossilised layers, layers of print. A sense of going back in time. Of time passing.

Fern – Textiles


Natural forms evident in his furniture design. Functional but representational.

Rain (Chair and Table) Powder coated steel – 2008

Sheet metal decorated with delicate images and natural scenes – perforated. Contemporary reworking of classic wrought iron furniture. Shape suggesting the form of a plant. Detail of leaves on the arms. The shape formed by the tubular steel structure – possibly influenced by the stained glass of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. In particular the the stained glass rose.

Stained Glass Rose – Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Rain (Chair and Table) – Powder coated steel – Tord Boontje

A ceramic design “Garden Party Plate” adorned with flowers, fruit and vegetables, I feel to be a contemporary twist on floral ceramics going back through generations. Underneath this piece is a list of all the names of the flowers, fruit and vegetables adorning the plate. There are similarities between this plate and a plate, part of a dinnerware set design by Jackson China, “Jessica” from the 1960’s. Suggesting that Boontje may draw inspiration from objects evoking nostalgia.

Boontje’s designs I consider to be timeless, as with the work of William Morris.


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