David Hockney

Believing that colour can create shape, weight, and texture, colour making the world more real. Interested in seeing and accurately recording the evidence of our eyes.

One of the most influential British artists of the 20th century, a painter, draughtsman, photographer, set designer and print maker.

Still life has always been common subject matter, portraits, landscapes and still lifes painted in the hundreds since 2008 when he started experimenting with the “Brushes” IPad/IPhone application.

Pioneering the art world – Reinventing finger-painting, Loving the immediacy, and the instant responses from the many friends receiving them on a daily basis. New medium, new possibilities, unorthodox techniques. Techno sketches. Profoundly subversive of the art market as we know it. Sharing art work, a signed original it is not. Apart from minute differences, each image of the same painting, is the same.

A show at La Fondation Pierre Berge in Paris, entitled “Fleurs Fraiches, one of several such exhibitions of IPad painting, the images “refreshed’ during the course of the show, new flowers replacing earlier ones. Paintings not traditionally framed but exhibited on IPads.

Potentially the beginning of an artistic revolution for professionals and amateurs

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