Portraying by Drawing

Traditional mediums – experimental approach with these – use of white spirit to create unusual effects.

To create more variety of mark making soft pastel also used. Introduced some pressed flower heads, collected when abroad last year. Part of a previous textiles sketchbook of ideas. Soft pastel capturing qualities of the pressed flowers, having browned slightly,  creating a haze. Soft pastel layered up.

Research into both Ellsworth Kelly and William Morris, encouraging me to introduce  a botanical quality to some of my drawings. An interest in bold floral prints of the 1970’s, commonly associated with duvet cover sets, curtains, patio sun loungers, Inspiring me to produce two drawings, not particularly strong as drawings but with substantial stitch potential.

Interested in experimenting with wood block printing after conducting research into William Morris and his exploration and use of this printing technique.

A series of small drawings produced, although varying the medium used, they work as a series purely on their size. Having planned to keep similarity, consistency in style, a decision then made to introduce pressed flowers and soft pastel, stitch potential limited otherwise and the drawings were considerably lacking in strength and variety. A good decision, results proving so.

Confident working with colour, always going to include colour in this folio of drawings – stronger as a result. Colour juxtaposed with the monochromatic.

When planning ahead – textile design – Repetition – Motif – Pattern – Movement – scale considered. Pattern repetition with wild flower study – closed flower heads. With buttercup loose drawing – 1970’s print influence. Fern, an effective motif, experimenting both with print direct from frond, also capturing qualities, the monochromatic study – graphite powder and white spirit. Resulting effects transporting me back to a carpet my Grandma had, white background and grey swirling pattern repeat. Nostalgia- unintentional sometimes,  but evident in all my work. Also evident in the fern frond study – soft pastel –  a sketchbook page – the colour and pattern reminding me of soft furnishings from my childhood – subconsciously influencing my work.

So much stitch potential in this folio of drawings – a really successful project. Slight differentiation to initial concept, positive results. Collecting pressed flowers now for future use. Excited by their unusual qualities. Alteration – similar to the concept of strandline objects as tropical tourists. Their deterioration adding to their interest – Wabi Sabi – Beauty in their imperfection.

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