Assignment 1 – 10 Drawings and written reflection.

Truly embracing the course so far, broadening the mind. The act of creating textiles, the focus up until now. A new appreciation since closely observing for drawings. Drawing making you look at the familiar in a different way. Unfamiliar in the familiar.

Well thought out interpretations of project briefs, especially so with the concept of the “Tropical Tourist” a plastic strandline find. Progressing through the course – well linked to the research into Wabi Sabi.

Traditional mediums used, experimental with techniques. Could always be more experimental, always proving a challenge for me. New skills gained. Could be more. New methods of manipulating subject matter introduced. Pressing flowers, letting them deteriorate before producing observational drawings. Ideas to consider with future work. Subject matter not in the obvious state explored here. Reverse of knitted garment when studying chosen textile archive. Damaged bottle tops from the strandline – much more interesting visually for their imperfections than undamaged. Unfinished fabric, loose threads, more stitch potential.

A temptation to obsess with an until now undiscovered method of manipulation. Tearing observational drawings to add or take away in order to improve. Strong results but not to revisited too often – becoming stale.

Research into unknown artists – initial thoughts – particularly challenging, a need to conduct research, considerably limited over the last twenty years. The research proving invaluable and so insightful on reflection. Understanding the importance, seeing so much more when considering the work of artists/designers, their influences, the meaning  carefully considered in their work. Influencing decisions in my own work.

Confident in my draughtsmanship, this being apparent in the folio of drawings produced. Understanding lack of sense of depth to be a weakness in my drawings in the past, conscious of this in all my observational drawings. This shows in the strong results.

Considerable stitch potential when contemplating the next stages of the textiles vocabulary course. Pleased that time was taken to study the course before planning my interpretations of the briefs so far.

On reflection a strong start, some of my best work, especially pleased with the suggestion of undulation and drape with the Fairisle collage. Also in the studies of the “Joan Crawford” sweater, using simple mark making in the form of thumbprints, varying placement and pressure to create suggestion of movement in the fabric.

I can always be more creative, push the boundaries, experiment more. The more experimental I’ve been, the best results I’ve achieved so far. Confident conceptualisation of thought, Interpretation of “tropical tourist”, choice of pressed flowers for damaged beauty – a triumph.

Producing some carefully considered work, being experimental with sketchbook work. Can always produce more work. Appreciating the importance.

My personal voice – Nostalgic element in all my work, both intentionally and unintentionally. Looking for it, taking comfort in it.

Positive results from exploration of manipulation, juxtaposition of colour with the monochromatic. Concepts that I feel to be key to the strength of my work so far.